Call for Prize: PCCBS Graduate Student Prize

The PCCBS invites entries from PhD students for the annual graduate student prize. The student and the advisor, or instructor, must be current members of PCCBS. The submitted entry will have been presented at any conference in 2023, if the paper concerns a topic within the scope of British Studies. The submission should be the paper as delivered with the addition of necessary notes and citations, the total to not exceed 18 pages double spaced. Graduate Prize Submission: April 1, 2024. Electronic copies of papers not already submitted should be sent to all three members of the committee, along with a cover letter from the instructor or advisor:

Priya Satia, Chair (Stanford University):Email Dr. Satia
Jarrett Henderson (UC Santa Barbara): Email Dr. Henderson
Muriel McClendon (UC Los Angeles): Email Dr. McClendon

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