Regular Backups

WordPress, like most CMS tools, has two sets of data that it uses to create the PCCBS web site. The first are the programming files that the WordPress team has created. WordPress uses PHP as its programming language, so all of these files are PHP files.

You don’t need to worry about the PHP files that came with WordPress. You can always restore them from the WordPress web site.

The PHP files that are installed in your plug-ins directory should be backed up by your system administrator whenever a new plug-in is installed. In this way, the system administrator can easily restore the custom plug-ins that the PCCBS site uses. The plug-ins can be backed up by connecting to the server (such as with Apple Personal Filesharing) and dragging the wp-content folder to your local hard drive. This also backs up any images or PDF files that have been uploaded to the site.

But the most important data for the PCCBS are the articles, pages, links, and other content of the site. This content is stored in a MySQL database. It is updated every time someone adds new content or modifies existing content, whether it be an article, a page, a link, a comment, a category, or any other content. If this data is lost it cannot be restored unless you have a MySQL backup.

You should make regular backups of the MySQL database using the [backup tool->/wp-admin/edit.php?page=wp-db-backup.php] in the Manage section. Once the backup is completed, download it to your local hard drive. You should perform this backup as regularly as you add content, because of the MySQL database is ever lost, all of the content of your site goes with it.

Currently, backups can be performed by level 8 administrators.

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