PCCBS Riverside 2020 Cancelled due to Coronavirus

Dear Colleagues,

It is with great reluctance that we have decided to cancel the PCCBS conference in Riverside starting on March 20. We do so with infinite regret. Nevertheless we must also acknowledge that we are in extraordinary times.

Both the CDC and many of our universities has recommended that we avoid unnecessary travel, and tempting though it is to consider the PCCBS necessary, it really isn’t. Furthermore, UC Riverside is cancelling in class exams in favor of online options and exhorting us to avoid all face to face events. We must accept this grim reality.

Registration fees: We will return registration fees directly to you. Our treasurer, Lisa Cody has not deposited checks, so they can be shredded or returned to you; Paypal payments will be returned via Paypal. Should you wish to convert your registration into a contribution to our now tax-exempt organization, she will issue a receipt for tax purposes. Those of you who have reserved hotel rooms should be able to cancel them without penalty. We cannot, alas, do anything about airline ticket purchases, but if you need a formal letter, we can provide that. Graduate students who encounter difficulties should contact me directly at samussen@ucmerced.edu.

I’m very sorry not to be seeing all of you in Riverside. I’m extremely grateful for Tom Cogswell’s extraordinary hard work which put together an outstanding program. We will all miss seeing each other and learning from each other. I look forward to seeing everyone next year!

We will be in touch shortly about some of the business-related aspects of the conference.


Susan D. Amussen
Professor of History
President, Pacific Coast Conference on British Studies

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PCCBS at UC Riverside, March 20-22, 2020 CANCELLED

Culver Center of the Arts, Riverside

Although PCCBS has cancelled its 46th Annual Meeting to have been held at UC Riverside, 20-22 March 2020, the program remains online: 2020 PCCBS Program UC Riverside.

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PCCBS Article Prize, 2019

The prize for the best article published by a member of the PCCBS in 2019 will be awarded at the Spring 2020 meeting in Merced.

Article Prize Submission deadline is February 28, 2020.
Copies of the article should be sent to all three committee members:
Jordanna Bailkin, Chair, University of Washington (bailkin@uw.edu)
Andrea McKenzie (mckenzie@uvic.ca)
David Clemis, Mount Royal University (dclemis@mtroyal.ca)

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PCCBS Graduate Prize, 2019

The PCCBS invites entries from PhD students for the annual graduate student prize, awarded for a paper delivered at a conference in 2019. The prize will be awarded at the upcoming PCCBS conference this March. The student and the advisor, or instructor must be current members of PCCBS. The submitted entry will have been presented at the PCCBS meeting in March 2019, or, in the case of a graduate student studying at a university within the PCCBS region, at any other conference during 2019, as long as the paper concerns a topic within the scope of British Studies.

The submission should be the paper as delivered with the addition of necessary notes and citations, the total to not exceed 18 pages double spaced. The winner(s) will receive a monetary prize and be recognized at the annual PCCBS meeting.

The paper should be accompanied by a brief note confirming the conference at which the paper was delivered, and the name of the sponsoring faculty member.

Graduate Prize Submission Deadline: February 28, 2020
Electronic copies of papers should be sent to Peter Hoffenberg, (peterh@hawaii.edu); Amy Woodson-Boulton (awoodson@lmu.edu); and Muriel McClendon (mcclendo@history.ucla.edu)

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NACBS Mentoring Program

PCCBS encourages members to participate in NACBS’s new mentoring program that pairs advanced graduate students and early-career scholars with established scholars.

Mentorship may take a range of forms, but it is primarily intended as a means to offer concrete advice regarding the academic and professional job markets, developing and sustaining research agendas, publication strategies, finding and sustaining networks of support, juggling professional commitments, and other career-related issues.

This program is open to all scholars of British Studies wherever they may reside. Mentors should retain active membership status within NACBS throughout their participation in the program; however, mentees are encouraged but not required to join the NACBS.

For more information, and to apply, please see: http://nacbs.org/blog/announcement-of-nacbs-mentoring-program/

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PCCBS Prize Winners

PCCBS congratulates its most recent prize winners. Awards were made at the 2019 meeting at UC Merced.

2019 Book Prize Winners: David Como, Radical Parliamentarians and the English Civil War (Oxford University Press, 2018), and Priya Satsa, Empire of Guns: The Violent Making of the Industrial Revolution (Penguin, 2018)
2019 Book Prize Description


2019 Article Prize Winner: Michelle Tusan, “Genocide, Famine and Refugees on Film: Humanitarianism and the First World War” in Past & Present, 237 (November 2017) 197–235.
2019 Article Prize Description

2019 Graduate Student Prize: Ken Corbett (University of British Columbia). “Redeeming the Time: Punctuality, Credit, & the Middling Sort”
2019 Graduate Student Prize Description

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PCCBS Newsletter Fall 2018

A copy of the PCCBS newsletter for Fall 2018 can be found here: Charivari_PCCBS_Fall_2018

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PCCBS Newsletter Fall 2017

A copy of the PCCBS newsletter for Fall 2017 can be found here:

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PCCBS Newsletter 2016

Please see the link below for a copy of PCCBS’s 2016 newsletter:

PCCBS Newsletter 2016

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Charivari – PCCBS Newsletter 2015

You may download a copy of the Fall 2015 Newsletter here:
PCCBS Newsletter 2015

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